30,000 feet view on market

US yield rates
spread (11/24/21) 1.58bp
10 years 1.64%
3 month 0.06%
Corporate High Yield Bonds
delta (11/24/21) -3,391.84
Advance - Decline value 29,802.00
5% Trend 33,193.84
Fed Balance Total Assets in millions
last change 11,853.00
11/17/21 USD 8,674,970.00
11/10/21 USD 8,663,117.00
11/3/21 USD 8,574,871.00

Why is this important?

US yield rates

The yield curve can give us a view on the long term market expectation of investors. If the curve flattens we might see an decrease in economic growth. And in case of an inverted yield curve (negative spread) we might see in a 12-18 month a recession. Source: data.treasury.gov

Corporate High Yield Bonds

The advance / decline line of corporate high yield bonds can show us if investors a re looking for risk-on assets of if the take their money out of junk bonds. Source: finra-markets.morningstar.com

Fed Balance Total Assets

The Fed balance sheet shows us if the Fed is acting as a buyer in the market and inserts liquidity or if they take liquidity out of the system. Source: www.federalreserve.gov