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stock trading without emotions

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our idea - our goal

Taking the emotions out of stock decisions is our goal. Unfortunately, fear and greed are not the best guidebooks for long-term success on the stock market.
A strategy can be simulated, improved and adapted. Emotions often change dramatically throughout the day, often resulting in poor traceability. You can learn how to control emotions, and a strategy helps a lot, because it can provide security and reassurance.

We use our self-developed software Jasmin with which we continuously analyse the capital markets worldwide. We look not only at individual stocks, which we see in the aspects of the mark technique and chart technology, but also higher-level markets. Market analyses include momentum analysis on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, the ratio of stocks above or below the respective 200 day average, and the ratio of stocks from closing prices to 52 highs (bull vs. bear market).

In addition, we analyse the evolution of sectors such as IT, finance, commodities, etc., at different time scales. From the above data, we determine a weighting that helps us adjust our portfolios. The ratio of cash to assets and individual securities are proposed by the system. Short:
  1. Portfolio size, ie cash vs. investment volume
  2. Market weighting, ie which country or sector
  3. Title, ie which shares (or currencies / commodities)
  4. Scenarios for entry and exit


Strategic investing, hence buying against the prevailing pessimism and sell against the prevailing optimism following clear and easy rules.


We analyze the market condition of the markets, ie the behavior of market participants. For us, the chart reflects the psyche of the actors.


We are firmly convinced that a handful of indicators are enough. More important is the overall view. Therefore, we analyze the market momentum on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


Creating confidence also against your own fear to buy, but also to sell against your own greed.