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Feature Candlestick Screener

Candle patterns are very interesting for traders due to their simplicity, elegance and natural interpretation of market sentiment. To support such analysis, we have a dedicated screener for candlesticks.

In the Top-Navigation select the screener tab and go to candlestick. You will see three main sections on the screen. On the right, you can select the parameters for your filter. You can select the watchlists, you would like to screen and you can select the interval, hence daily-, weekly- or monthly candles. The filter will always be based on the previous closing candle.

On the left, you will see the result, telling you the stock and the identified pattern.

On the bottom you will get a description for the identified patterns. Note, that you only see the relevant patterns for the current result. This is to keep it simple and easy to use. Now, to dive deeper into the result you have two possibilities. Firstly, you might want to klick on the securities name to go to the detail page.

The other option is to klick on the pattern itself to be redirected to the confidence page for this security and the identified pattern. Here you can get an analysis of the prvious occurences of that pattern.

On the right, you see the statistics giving you details about the different forward statistics. They show you how well the price of the asset performed after the signal occured. The statistics show you the confidence level based on T-statistics, as well as the number of cases the price went up after the specified number days.

On the left, you see a chart of that security in the past. To make is easier to spot and understand the previous situations, we only show 12 months and have therefore multiple 12 months intervals.

On the bottom, again, we give you some details about the sentiment of this pattern as well as some further details.